family-theripy2I get requests to work with young children. When children display odd or difficult behaviors many parents are at a loss as to how to help them. This is where counseling may help ease the pain of watching your child go through certain types of struggles.

At Serenity Foundations I can help ease a child’s distress stemming from unresolved trauma. Your child may start to regulate their thoughts and emotions through the use of EMDR. I will be able to provide you with some tools to help facilitate their progress between sessions.

For children that display behavioral issues not stemming from any specific negative childhood events I prefer to work with the family as a whole. In my experience families are more successful in working together to resolve issues that influence a child’s unmanageable behaviors. We will explore family dynamics, strengths, and solutions that would meet the family’s needs. It is through working with the family that your child will be able to learn emotional and social cues at home that can translate to other situations in their life.


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